Burnout test - EN

Occupational burnout syndrome is quite common in modern society. The active development of the services sector and the rapid growth associated with the entry of technology and the Internet into our lives contribute to enhanced communication between people, increased stress, tension.
The following symptoms can be distinguished by talking about emotional (professional) burnout:

  • feeling of emotional depression, and indifference to what is happening around
  • colleagues, clients, partners begin to provoke negative emotions
  • Uncertainty in professional skills and abilities
  • psychosomatic and behavioral changes

To diagnose burnout syndrome, there is a test that can help you identify the symptoms associated with the condition. In fact, in order to deal effectively with burnout, especially if your professional activity involves constant communication with people, it is important to identify the symptoms that appear in time.
You can determine your level of burnout here and now online and get results and recommendations right away.

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