Psychotherapy and counseling

Counseling and psychotherapy

A modern way of counseling that integrates traditional psychological counseling with additional elements of cognitive and emotional behavioral therapy, coaching, organizational counseling, and integrates all available brain stimulation methods.

Psychological counseling is an interpersonal assistance procedure. It begins by examining and identifying processes of thoughts, feelings and behaviors that is affecting personality of the person or just needs  improvement.

Child counseling is identical to adult counseling, but with it the therapist chooses different ways to attract and retain the attention of the child, which makes the consultation itself much more complicated to prepare. You can book: VIP Integrative Therapy for Your Child Traditional Psychological Counseling Biofeedback Screening.

Biofeedback screening is the registration and real-time monitoring of indicators of the brain, heart and breathing. The aim is to compare indicators against benchmarks and to identify some abnormalities leading to certain brain states related to emotions, concentration, stress and behavior.