ING EAP program benefits

Dear ING team,

Here is short description of benefits of your EAP. Please keep in mind that your contact with Somenso team is strictly confidential and you are anonymous in face of your company

According to your company agreement you have rights for:


  • Crisis mental counseling

    Unlimited 24/7 crisis counseling. Please call 0866704665 or book green line

  • Long term mental therapy

    You have a right for 3 meeting free meeting. After that you may continue visiting your counselor with 20& discount of list prices. Personal Psychological Counseling. Please book in accordance to you preferences: Personal Psychological Counseling: ING (Somenso`s office) or Online Psychological Counseling: ING (Zoom; Viber) Note! Right to change the counsellor

  • This is the title

    This is a hybrid discussion group. We discuss Wellbeing Life Style themes. Your oppinion metter! Please contact us or your HR team for suggestions! ----------- Your HR team selects the best themes for you from a pre-provided calendar from Somenso. You can join 6 hybrid conversations per year. You get the messages for them directly in your calendar.