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Modis EAP program benefits

Dear Moodis team,

Here is short description of benefits of your EAP. Please keep in mind that your contact with Somenso team is strictly confidential and you are anonymous in face of your company.

According to your company agreement you have right for:


Unlimited phone conversation with therapist

please choose phone conversation when book a service.

We are going to call you in required time. Duration of service is 30min.  In case of emerging situation please do not hesitate to phone us. If we are busy and cannot answer right on the moment will call you back ASAP

up to 3 meetings per year with therapist

This service may be performed in two ways:

  •  Online meeting – please choose Online meeting when book a service.

We will use Skype, Viber or Zoom to meet you. To choose communicator suitable to you, will contact you first via phone. Duration of service is 50min.  

  • Meet our team personally – please choose Meet Somenso personally when book a service

Our therapist will welcome you in Somenso office – bul. “Al. Stamboliyski 239” 10 fl.. Duration of service is 50min.  

Finance consultation-
1 meeting  per year

In limited time up to 31 August the service Finance consultation is available in NN Sofia Sarika office,  ул. „проф. Фритьоф Нансен“ 9, партер 

Please choose  Finance consultation when booking

Unlimited participation – please book here

EAP in front of events is for you. The code for access you may take from your HR business partner