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EAP: Mental Talks: Burn Out and Coping Strategies


To introduce and elaborate on the concepts of stress and burn out and learn strategies and techniques for dealing with them.

“You can do anything but not everything.” – David Allen

The concept of burn out:

Have you recently felt relieved when clients cancel an appointment? Or have you noticed that you can’t concentrate on the meeting you are attending because your mind is wandering on other tasks? If this happens to you a lot lately, it is possible that you are experiencing some of the consequences of increased stress and burn out.

Burn out is usually described as an extended period of chronic stress that is characterized by physical and emotional exhaustion, lack of motivation and interest as well as generally decreased satisfaction. Amongst others, it can result in deteriorated health, interpersonal problems and decline in job performance.

In this workshop we will address these issues and will focus on strategies on how to overcome them and increase our stress resilience – the ability to better adapt to the stressful situation and bounce back with full potential and strengths.


  • We will motivate participants to think and share challenges and factors contributing to increased levels of stress and burn out in everyday life
  • We will present useful tips on how to work on and enhance stress resilience
  • We will focus on strategies and techniques for coping with stress and burn out


  • Up-to-date presentation of information and research in the field.
  • Good practice sharing
  • Exercise: „The energy management audit“


In the planned workshop are invited to participate people from COMMERZBANK

Duration:  60 minute

Registrations are closed for this event.