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COVID - is it time to be afraid?

During a second lockdown within a year, people face a strong experience of insecurity and fear. It is good to be able to distinguish which fears are real and which are not so real. By studying the causes of various types of fear, we learn to locate and manage them. In a state of panic, turning to ourselves, exploring our own, deeper fears helps us find their root. Knowing it already, we can prepare adequate coping strategies. We have also prepared options for drawing up plans that can be used as a support in crisis situations

Workshop goals: To present participants with information on theoretical and practical aspects of different kind of fear and especially the fear of illnesses. To encourage recognizing and developing skills and competencies connected detection of symptoms and way to overlive them.


  • To present valuable and accessible information concerning the phenomenon in hand.
  • To generate ideas about personal development in the domain of live with fear.


  • Presentation of current research and knowledge about the relevant phenomenon.
  • Group discussion of the relevant subject


In the planned workshop are invited to participate MODIS teams.

Duration:  60 minutes