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EAP: group discussion: Personal motivation


To learn basic principles of motivation. And to create self-motivation map.


If you want to make things happen the ability to motivate yourself and others is a crucial skill. At work, home, and everywhere in between, people use motivation to get results. Motivation requires a delicate balance of communication, structure, and incentives. And yet you cant motivate others when you are not motivated yourself.

Reasons we lose motivation 

A person may experience a temporary lack of motivation when they are overwhelmed, stressed, or burnt out. However, a sense of apathy, or lack of interest in doing anything, can be a symptom of something more severe.
There are 3 primary reasons we lose motivation. 
  • Lack of confidence – If you don’t believe you can succeed, what’s the point in trying?
  • Lack of focus – If you don’t know what you want, do you really want anything?
  • Lack of direction – If you don’t know what to do, how can you be motivated to do it?

How get it back

Staying motivated is a struggle — our drive is constantly assaulted by negative thoughts and anxiety about the future. Everyone faces doubt and depression. What separates the highly successful is the ability to keep moving forward. 

  • There is no simple solution for a lack of motivation. Even after beating it, the problem reappears at the first sign of failure. The key is understanding your thoughts and how they drive your emotions. 
  • By learning how to nurture motivating thoughts, neutralize negative ones, and focus on the task at hand, you can pull yourself out of a slump before it gains momentum.


  • We will discuss research about motivation and its use in everyday life
  • Will learn how we can use the power of motivation so that it can facilitate our decision-making
  • We will discuss the connection and relationship between motivation and our feelings, emotions, behavior 


  • Sharing good practices and techniques
  • Psychological questionnaire – What’s Your Motivation Style?
  • Answering various questions regarding the topic


In the planned workshop are invited to participate people from Accodis

Duration:  120 minutes

Registrations are closed for this event.