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working language: Bulgarian or English 

Emotional Intelligence

Workshop goals: To present participants with information on theoretical and practical aspects of emotional intelligence. To encourage recognising and developing skills and competencies connected to emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence is a term that is subject to much disagreement in the professional psychological literature and its use in everyday language is even broader. How do you perceive emotional intelligence – as a skill that is acquired or as an inborn trait? What is the interconnection between emotional intelligence and what we usually call intelect? Does having an intelligence quotient of 169 make one emotionally intelligent?

How is emotional intelligence formed in the context of our personal history and what are the steps we can undertake to develop it in ourselves? What should we know in order to raise emotionally intelligent children? 

Current studies suggest that emotional intelligence is an important factor in personal relationships, work performance and many other areas of life. Successful leadership is also connected to emotional intelligence. There is data that in children low emotional intelligence correlates with involvement in bullying and victimisation. In adults the phenomenon emotional intelligence is proven to affect mental and physical health as well as the overall perception of wellbeing.


  • To present valuable and accessible information concerning the phenomenon in hand.
  • To generate ideas about personal development in the domain of emotional intelligence.


  • Presentation of current research and knowledge about the relevant phenomenon.
  • Group work, role play – the participants work in groups on different tasks or cases
  • Group discussion of the relevant subject


In the planned workshop are invited to participate between 10 and 15 people from MODIS

Duration:  90 minutes

Registrations are closed for this event.