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Panic Attacks

Workshop goals:

To acquaint participants with the nature of panic attacks and panic disorder.  To inform and present participants with strategies for managing anxiety fits in expected and unexpected situations.

Anxiety is something that every person experiences on some level. Events such as an important exam, driving alone for the first time or a date with a thrilling potential partner can make almost anyone anxious. In panic attacks anxiety is elevated to an extreme degree. The mechanism for experiencing stress is triggered in an often regular situation but the person perceives it as catastrophic.  

What does a “panic attack” entail and what are the characteristics which can help us recognise its occurrence in ourselves or someone else? When do we speak of a panic disorder? Regardless if we are dealing with textbook panic attacks or just intense fits of anxiety there are known techniques that can be applied to prevent or minimise their effects.

How can we help if someone close to us is experiencing a panic attack? As you might guess, telling them to calm down isn’t usually productive…

Some people are more prone to having panic attacks – what determines one’s susceptibility and how to know if you are at risk?


  • To present valuable and accessible information about panic attacks
  • To encourage self assessment of  personal skills and competencies in managing intense anxiety
  • To generate ideas about effective self-regulation strategies.
  • To provide a safe space for discussion of the subject in the conditions of full confidentiality.


  • Presentation of current research and knowledge about the relevant phenomenon.
  • Group work, role play – the participants work in groups on different tasks or cases
  • Group discussion of the relevant subject


In the planned workshop are invited to participate between 10 and 15 people from MODIS

Duration:  90 minutes

Registrations are closed for this event.