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EAP: Mental Talks: Simple techniques for better memory and concentration


To learn empirically proofed techniques for training our memory and concentration.

“If you chase two rabbits, both will escape.”

Chinese Proverb

Most people have occasional lapses in memory, such as forgetting a new acquaintance’s name or misplacing the car keys. 

Most of the time, this is simply a sign that we are a bit too busy or is preoccupied. With the development of communication, entertainment and gaming technologies, we appears to be cramming an ever greater amount of tasks into an already multi-tasked existence. Talking on the phone via speaker while reading through latest e-mails is one of the examples that we experience every day. But having a consistently poor memory and concentration can be problematic.

Many factors play a role in memory and concentration, including genetics, age, and medical conditions that affect the brain. There are also some manageable risk factors for memory loss, such as diet and lifestyle.

No matter, on what level of saturation we are, the memory and concentration ability can be improved to get your tasks and jobs done and faultlessly without spending too much time on thoughts jumping from one to another.

This mental talk will provide simple techniques which can be used to train your memory and concentration, to achieve better focus on your work and to enjoy and making the most out of every moment of our life.


  • We will discuss some scientific researches about memory and concentration
  • Will learn how to enhance our ability to focus more of our attention on a given task
  • Will inform you about successful techniques that you can train at home for better memory and concentration
  • We will discuss some manageable risk factors for memory loss 


  • Up-to-date presentation of information and research in the field.
  • Sharing good practices and techniques
  • Discussing the advantages of better memory and concentration
  • Self-assessment form – test


In the planned workshop are invited to participate people from Helecloud

Duration:  60 minutes

Registrations are closed for this event.