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EAP: Mental Talks: “The Narcissistic Colleagues - How to Live with Them?”


To give more information about what narcissism is, how many types of Narcissism we know, what are the typical characteristics of the narcissistic personality and how to recognize them?

Psychologists say that we build an image of ourselves, our abilities and talents, through communication with others. People look into the “public mirror” and make conclusions about the rightness of their actions, about the direction in which we have gone and if it is the right one.

The society “judges” our behavior, our appearance, holds us responsible for our choices, changes our attitudes. After all, if the man is primarily a “social animal”, then all these processes are logical and explain “normal” and deviant behavior.

Do you know the legend of Narcissus? Do you know why psychologists are particularly interested in narcissism and define it as a mental disorder?

In this workshop we will discuss the typical characteristics and manifestations of the narcissistic behavior as well as methods and strategies for dealing with them.


  • To define what “narcissism” is
  • To present some history on the topic
  • To recognize the narcissistic personality in the workplace
  • To learn about different types of narcissism
  • To share good practices on how to deal with the narcissistic colleague


  • Up-to-date presentation of information and research in the field
  • Discussion about what is behind the concept of Narcissism
  • Strategies for developing our relations with narcissistic persons
  • Self-reflecting exercises


In the planned workshop are invited to participate people from Just Eat Take Away

Duration:  60 minutes

Registrations are closed for this event.