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EAP: Mental talks: What is your natural leadership type?

ноември 29 @ 16:00 - 17:00


EAP: Mental Talks: What is your natural leadership type?


To learn how to recognize and assess leadership qualities in yourself and others.

During this mental talk will we take a closer look at what leadership is and what traits, qualities and behaviors define a leader. We will find out how leadership has evolved throughout the years and what differentiates modern leaders from the ones in the past.
Furthermore, we will discuss the different approaches towards leadership alongside the different styles of leading and will determine how to find the most suitable one for particular cases and situations.
In addition, we will focus on the roles that each leader has in a group or an organization and how to be able to recognize the right role for each individual.
Finally, we will end with an introduction of a practical tool that can help you assess a set of qualities in order to help you find out which type of leader you are.


  • We will discuss the traits and behaviors that define a leader
  • We will find out how to recognize the most suitable leading styles for particular situations
  • Will learn how to assess our leadership qualities


  • Up-to-date presentation of information and research in the field.
  • Sharing good practices and techniques
  • Answering various questions regarding the topic


In the planned workshop are invited to participate people from Akkodis.

Duration:  60 minutes


ноември 29
16:00 - 17:00
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