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How to manage my money effectively in crisis times

Workshop goals:

We will comment on the 5 steps that will help you stay calm about your money and yourself, and turn the crisis into an investment opportunity.

We will discuss:

  •  Effective structure of personal finances – what has the crisis changed? Balance between my income and expenses – analysis.
  •  Can I insure the increased risk to my health and life? What is worth defending and isn’t it a waste now
  • How can I ensure the desired standard of living, in conditions of uncertainty about my income?
  • What is happening in the financial markets and am I losing my money?
  • Will saving or investing money save my money? How to choose?
  • Can I invest with part of my monthly income or do I need pre-accumulated funds?
  • Active or passive (ETFs) management for my money to choose? Pluses and minuses.
  • How can I invest in the S & P500 and other known indices by paying less income tax?
  • What tax breaks are valid for me in 2020? Is this relevant now?

Trainer: Emilia Truhcheva – NN Bulgaria

My name is Emilia Truhcheva and my mission is to help people be rich with their own money. I am a certified financial consultant, manager of teams of professional financial consultants, personal finance management experts. My biggest success is the people next to me. – my family, my and the team from the NN Sun Agency – Serdika 

Working language: English or Bulgarian

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