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EAP: Mental Talks: Skill vs. Luck. Who really deserves success?


To provide participants with information on theoretical and practical aspects of the concepts of skill and luck. To encourage the recognition and development of skills and competencies not losing focus of the role which luck plays in our everyday life.

Humans possess a basic aspiration to understand the relationship between cause and effect. This is why we often struggle in life to understand why some good decisions lead to bad outcomes and vice versa. We tend to wonder about the role that luck plays in our success or failure – whether in business, at work or in our personal life.

Why is that the most skillful do not always win? And are the most successful people mostly just the luckiest people in our society? 

When thinking about success one needs to keep focus on whatever is in one’s control – our capabilities, skills, performance.

How is a skill being developed?

Learning a new skill follows three stages – a cognitive, an associative and an autonomous one – remember how you learned to drive a car. It is found that most people need around 50 hours of practice to develop a new skill.

Do you consider yourself lucky?

When perceiving the causes of success and failure, people often use different biases in their way of thinking. Researchers in the field of social psychology have worked to explain various “mistakes” our mind tends to make. From the attribution theory to the self-serving bias – they all try to shed some light and help us assess our thinking that leads to a particular behaviour so that we perform better.


  • Will learn some interesting facts about luck and decision making
  • Will speak about some thinking patterns and biases regarding luck and success
  • To present information on various aspects of the skill/luck continuum;
  • To generate ideas how one can improve one’s skills or learn new ones.
  • Can we manage our luck – a group discussion on the expected/unexpected outcomes of our decisions and actions.


  • Up-to-date presentation of information and research in the field.
  • Presentation of current research and knowledge about the respective phenomenon.
  • Group discussion on the respective subject


In the planned workshop are invited to participate people from JUST EAT TAKE AWAY

Duration:  60 minutes

Registrations are closed for this event.