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Self-perception In Others' Eyes

Self-perception plays a pivotal role in shaping our sense of identity and understanding of ourselves. While self-perception is subjective, this workshop will explore an intriguing aspect of it – how we perceive ourselves through the eyes of others.

This workshop examines the psychological mechanisms underlying this phenomenon, such as social comparison and reflected self-appraisals.

Furthermore, we will explore the potential consequences of self-perception in others’ eyes on individuals’ self-esteem, self-efficacy, and overall well-being.

Moreover, understanding self-perception in others’ eyes can have implications for interpersonal relationships, as individuals navigate social dynamics and strive for acceptance and belonging. We will discuss and explore the role of authorities in our lives and the general idea of objectivity subjectivity and self-delusion.

The workshop emphasizes our need to balance our internal self-concept with the external feedback we receive, allowing for a more comprehensive understanding of our identity.

Trainer: Radost Minina

Comprehensive understanding of our identity and interpersonal interactions


  • Mental modeling play ©– a method of modeling one’s own emotions
  • Discussion
  • Role plays


  • Exploring how we expect to perceive ourselves through the eyes of others
  • Understanding the influence of interpersonal relationships with significant others
  • Self-reflection and investigation of the core of our identity and resilience