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Understanding Your EAP Benefits – Employees understanding of the Program

The corporate world is evolving and changing at an incredible pace. It is modernizing in such a way that employees are finding it hard to cope up with the pressure which has drained them in the long run.

However, to help employees with all the pressure mentally and physically, organizations are implementing employee assistance programs. Such programs have helped organizations to reduce turnover rates and increase productivity as a whole.


To acquaint participants with the role EAP and psychological wellbeing. To inform and present participants with skills for usage of the program and implementation in personal and professional setting.

Employee Assistance Programs are those which help employees to deal with their personal problems and professional issues which negatively impact their job. It is a counselling and consulting program where employees put forward the problems they are facing.


And in return the right set of solutions are provided by experts. Not only does it help employees psychologically but it also helps them improve their engagement levels in the long run.


Assistance can be of various forms like work relationships, performance booster, mental health issues, help with substance abuse, child and elder care, and the list can go on depending on what the organization decides to include in EAPs.

Why Employee Assistance Programs?

Supporting employees is always a crucial part if you want to build an influential company culture. The main features of an ideal EAPs are listed below:

  • Accessibility– EAPs can be accessed online. The program provide an online platform where employees can get access to various podcasts, videos and tests  according to their needs.
  • Availability– These programs are available to all employees . Employees can talk with experts through texts, emails almost instantly and get help whenever they want.
  • Confidential– One of the most essential and crucial elements is that it keeps anonymity. No person will be able to breach any information about others which is always a driving factor of any program.
  • Secure- Anonymity is what people want, and this program makes it sure that everyone stays anonymous. This increases the credibility of the program and employees are more driven towards using such programs.

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