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Welcome to your Are You a Leader?

1. You’re working with a group to solve a problem. How do you feel when someone comes up with an idea that’s obviously better than yours?

2. You’re working with a group on a project. How do you feel about your ideas compared to everyone else’s ideas?

3. What happens when you try to get “big ideas” across to other people?

4. You’ve been working on a project for a long time. So far, no one has given you any praise or feedback. What do you do?

5. You’re invited to participate in a project—as a follower, not a leader. How do you feel about this?

6. What happens when you fail at something you try to do?

7. If you were in charge of a group project, how would you handle it?

8. How do you feel about working with people whose backgrounds are different from yours?

9. When someone gives you honest criticism, this makes you...

10. What do you do if you have a setback—if things don’t go the way you want them to?


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