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The questionnaire was developed by Dr. Strasser, a burnout therapist in Germany. It is intended for differential diagnosis of conditions related to occupational burnout and for preliminary inspection. The validity and reliability of the questionnaire for the Bulgarian conditions for screening of conditions related to burnout is proven in the diploma work of Silvia Kumanova "The condition of burnout and its impact in our modern society." 750 people were studied in the thesis and the results were processed by statistical methods.

The questionnaire consists of 35 questions divided into the following categories:

  • Emotional state
  • Behavior and psychosomatics
  • Cognitive state

The available symptoms are examined and conclusions are made by sections.

Please answer the questions without thinking:

  • Often when your condition is valid for more than 5 days a week
  • Sometimes when your condition is valid for more than 3 days a week
  • Never when the condition is not valid for you


1. I am impatient :

I feel an inner emptiness:

3. I feel depressed / sad:

4. I am irritated / aggressive:

5. I have gloomy thoughts:

6. I am a dreamer :

7. Sometimes I am crying for no apparent reason:

8. I suffer from anxiety and panic:

9. I have trouble sleeping - I can't sleep; waking up at night; dreaming nightmares:

10. I feel tired and exhausted during the day:

11. I take sleeping pills and / or sedatives:

12. I drink alcohol after work to feel better:

13. Every physical effort costs me a lot:

14. I have a headache / migraine:

15. I feel dizzy:

16. I have tinnitus (ear noises)

17. I suffer from tensions (eg neck, jaw, etc.):

18. I have cardiovascular problems (high / low blood pressure, palpitations, etc.):

19. I have problems with the stomach and / or intestines:

20. I have sexual problems:

21. I have more than two colds a year

22. I sweat more than before

23. I have been increasing / losing weight lately:

24. Often I think about my work after working time.

25. Things that I enjoyed to do, I do not make me happy anymore:

26. My job makes me as happy as it was in the beginning:

27. I have enough time for myself:

28. I can find time for my family and friends:

29. I easily prioritize things around me:

30. I can easily say "NO" to things I don't want to do:

31. I  have good self-esteem;

32. I make plans for my future:

33. My ability to concentrate is good:

34. I am a perfectionist:

35. I often forget and find it difficult to remember new things:

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