THE FUTURE OF HEALTH - Pre-Premiere Welcome to the online presentation of a new generation social-service system  designed for health prevention and quality of life improvement.  You will understand how our revolutionary approach gives the possibility for early detection of

Narcissism is a widely used and discussed term in nowadays psychology. It is associated with the sense of exaggerated self-importance and entitlement. The term itself is originating from Greek mythology. It is named after Narcissus, a son

Нарцисизмът е често използван и обсъждан термин в днешната психология. Този термин е свързан със завишената самооценка и собствено усещане за значимост. Произходът на думата „нарцисизъм“ произлиза от гръцката митология – наречен е на Нарцис, син на

EAP: Mental Talks: Summer Vacation. How To Get Best Of It? Aim:To inform about different strategies for building the ability leave problems behind and enjoy summer vacation. Summer  symbolizes freedom – less clothes, lighter luggage, lighter food,

EAP: Mental Talks: 'Personality Types' Aim:To give information about the personality theory of Hans Eysenck, the different types of temperament and the way to communicate effectively with them  “It is because we are different that each of

автор: Леа Моргана  5/5 "НИЕ СМЕ ХОРА, НЕ ДИАГНОЗИ!!!!Бих искала да разкажа за своя опит с биполярното разстройство. Защо? Защото невежеството и неразбирането ме изправи пред предизвикателства, които не заслужавах. Стигмата за психичната болест се оказа

Willpower and how to boost it Have you thought today about eating some chocolate, having a glass or two of wine after work or delaying a certain task for the end of the week? It surely happens

HOW TO TALK TO YOUR TEEN ABOUT MENTAL HEALTH By KIM HENDERSON Having a conversation with your teen about mental health can be a touchy subject. Since stigma exists around mental health issues, your teen may have shameful or