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Difference Between Pessimists and Optimists

For Pessimists and Optimists

this is material with slight modification by  Rahul Vancruze

The way you look at the world can make you successful or break you down to mediocrity. Your personality traits defines everything. Pessimists prepare themselves to face the worst. Whereas, optimists prepare themselves to achieve something in life.

As compared to Pessimists vs Optimists people, optimistic people are 4x more successful than pessimistic people.


Pessimists finds danger in every opportunity. Whereas, Optimists finds opportunity in every danger.

Pessimistic people are their worst enemy. They look at the opportunity in front of them and focus on what would go wrong.

These people never achieve anything big in life. However, they will never let you achieve anything big in life.

On the other hand, optimistic people are their own best friend. They believe that they can achieve everything they want in life.

These type of people are barrier free thinker.

For example, Elon musk is the greatest example for you who changed the rocket industry, car industry and solar industry.

Pessimists are data driven. Whereas, optimists are goal driven.

Pessimistic people are data driven. They never do anything that they cannot measure. So, it makes them stay in their comfort zone.

Theses people act according to data and never try anything new.

However, optimistic people are goal driven. They set goal and do whatever it takes to reach that goal. They are always working on their goals to achieve them.

Optimistic people are willing to pay price to succeed.

Pessimists finds problem Whereas, optimists finds solution.

Pessimistic people will always show you the problems. They will prove you how something cannot be done.

They live with doubts and insecurity most of the time.

However, optimistic people will always bring out solutions. They will prove you how you can do it.

They live free and abundant life because they believe they will find a way.

Pessimists are realistic. Whereas, optimists are dream chasers.

Pessimistic people are realistic people. They never think of going big in life because they don’t believe in themselves.

They will convince you to play safe and this is why people never owned a private jet.

However, optimistic people are dream chasers. They believe in their dreams and step out of comfort zone.

They will influence you to go big and this is why they own private jets and private island eventually.

So, when someone will ask you the difference between pessimists vs optimists, explain this point. That’s it.

Pessimists keeps low expectations. Whereas, optimists keeps high expectations.

Pessimistic people are small thinkers. They keep low expectations in their lives. It keeps them from living the life they desire.

They will suggest you to keep low expectations in life from yourself otherwise you will be disappointed in you didn’t achieved.

However, optimistic people are big thinkers. They keep high expectations in life because they believe in their potential and power.

They will make you believe that you can achieve anything in life.


If you want to become successful in life and achieve great things in life, you have to become optimist in life.

All the successful people you know are optimists. No one can become successful without optimism in life. So, keep pushing and growing into an optimist person.

Success is guaranteed in life for you my friend.

But is it useful to be 100% optimistic?

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