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Kick off a fresh new year

Kick off a fresh new year with this alphabetic list of DO GOOD activities

’What a wonderful thought it is that some of the best days of our lives haven’t even happened yet 

Anne Frank

Arrange the space around you in a new way. Think about how you want your home to make you feel. 

Be present. Breathe. Take a break from the hectic and the stress by opening up your eyes for the beauty around you.

Calm your inner critic. Try to stop criticizing and torment yourself with your own thoughts. There are thoughts that do not need our attention.

Do not compare yourself with others. Instead, give yourself a praise about what you have achieved last year – think of all the tasks you have completed and the difficulties you have overcome.

Enjoy the place in your life where you currently are. Experience the joy of a child who revels in the present moment.

Forgive yourself and the others. Your parents, friends that betrayed you, relationships that did not work. The past cannot be different, it is what it is. “You can get excited about the future. The past won’t mind.” (Hillary DePiano)

Generate new ideas about what you want to improve in your daily routine – whether it is a new song to get up in the morning with or the way you eat or exercise – anything that can help you get stronger and more disciplined.

Continue with the good habits, endure what you have started even when you face an obstacle.

Initiate a new project that will inspire you – something you have always wanted to work on but have lacked the courage to do it so far.

Feel the joy of taking a day only for yourself – let it be a day dedicated completely to the things you like to do.

Be kind to yourself when you make a mistake or fail in a task. Improving your skills is a process that has its own ups and downs.

Remember the last time you laughed – long and heartily. Let yourself laugh again, on this same funny story.

Make room for yourself in your own life. Take some time to pay attention to yourself so that you can be there for your loved ones as well.

Find what you really need – it is sometimes different from what you want.

Organize your day or week in the best possible way according to the circumstances. Give yourself a break when you need it.

Practice emotional and mental self-care. It may look different for everyone but the main focus is on your mind being at ease.

Learn to quiet your mind. In the stressful life we lead we can easily get overwhelmed with all the “noises” inside and outside of our head. You can try meditation or similar exercises for just a few minutes a day and you will soon notice the difference.

Reach out for help if you need it. Open up for other people and admit if you do not feel well. Don’t carry all the burden on your own.

Systemize your day, your tasks, your to do lists in a way that will work for you. You can start by optimizing just one aspect of your daily routine and it will gradually bring more space and time for you.

Treat yourself like someone you love. The bottom line is – you are spending the most time in your life with yourself, you’d better be your own good company for this journey.

Every personality is unique. What are the things you like most about yourself? Seek feedback from your friends, if you find it difficult to name them.

Verbalize your needs and desires, express what you like and what you dislike so that your significant others know what it is going on with you. Sometimes it is difficult to get this information from one’s behaviour only.

What are your biggest strengths? Why are you special? Thinking in this direction is a step towards appreciating what makes others special as well.

Send out real (old-fashioned) paper greeting cards to your friends. You can still use the XOXOXO at the end – meaning hugs and kisses.

Remember the feelings that accompanied you when talking about the future when you were young or as a child? Was there hope, joy, eagerness?  Feel them again when thinking about the new year coming. What good will it bring to us?

Meet and communicate with your friends as much as possible – whether it is a zoom party or a real one -have a good time!

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