Narcissism is a widely used and discussed term in nowadays psychology. It is associated with the sense of exaggerated self-importance and entitlement. The term itself is originating from Greek mythology. It is named after Narcissus, a son

The cycle of abuse is a very common phenomenon, especially in intimate relationships and family structures. It is associated with an abusive pattern where one of the partners is consistently causing harm to the other partner. When

Abuse in the workplace is a pervasive issue that encompasses a range of harmful behaviors and can profoundly affect employees’ physical and mental well-being. This article will define what makes up abuse, explore five common types of

автор: Леа Моргана  5/5 "НИЕ СМЕ ХОРА, НЕ ДИАГНОЗИ!!!!Бих искала да разкажа за своя опит с биполярното разстройство. Защо? Защото невежеството и неразбирането ме изправи пред предизвикателства, които не заслужавах. Стигмата за психичната болест се оказа

Understanding Dreams Dreams are imaginary sequences—some with clear narratives, and some without—that play out in people’s minds as they sleep. Most dreams consist of a series of images, sensations, and emotions, and range from pleasant and exciting

author: ANONYMUS  5/5 The author prefers to stay anonymous. She describes herself as positive and charming person. Personal Story: COVID and a Christmas Miracle on a Dating Site It was last year. I got infected in

Kick off a fresh new year with this alphabetic list of DO GOOD activities ’What a wonderful thought it is that some of the best days of our lives haven't even happened yet Anne Frank Arrange the

Home Alone…on Christmas Day Imagine the following picture: It is snowing outside. A large and happy family is sitting in a beautifully decorated living room. The lights on the Christmas tree are illuminating the smiling faces while

Willpower and how to boost it Have you thought today about eating some chocolate, having a glass or two of wine after work or delaying a certain task for the end of the week? It surely happens

THE DARK SIDE OF BLACK FRIDAY Black Friday is here. Have you noticed - it has already become a black week or even black month? Shopping temptations, big sales and incredible discounts entice us seductively from every

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